Two important dates are coming up at the Raiders:

  • Annual General Meeting: Thursday 16th September, 7:00 pm
  • Busy Bee: Saturday 18th September 8 am

Busy Bee

The busy bee to clean up and pack the club away for the end of the season is coming up on Saturday 18 September between 8 and 10 am

Last year’s busy bee was a great effort, many hands did make light work and we were all finished in around 2 hours. To make sure just a few don’t get stuck doing all the jobs, once again we have broken the big clean down into lots of smaller jobs so that each team has a job. Each job should take less than an hour per team. The clubhouse has been well cleaned and looked after this season (thank you everyone!) so the job is a bit easier. Yay!

If you cannot make it, please delegate the job to someone else on your team, or maybe we can arrange a time for you to do your job earlier on a different date or time. Many hands will make everybody’s job much quicker and we can get it done in hopefully an hour or two at the most. 

Please bring along your gloves and cleaning gear. We’ll have some stuff but more always helps.


Sara, our wonderful Canteen Manager has done a great job with the canteen this year and it is already very clean so things just need a final clean for the year.

  • Year 4 Gold 
  • Year 4 Blue 

Clubroom – OUTSIDE

  • Year 3 Black – Clean down walls and remove cobwebs
  • Year 3 Blue – Clean outside windows
  • Year 3 Gold – High-pressure clean paving 

Clubroom – INSIDE

  • Year 10 – clean inside windows and window sills (after the frames have been re-hung)
  • Year 9/10 Girls – clean tables and chairs, stack in storage shed inside the race
  • Year 5/6 Girls – inside walls, cabinets etc.
  • Year 7/8 Girls – vacuum floors and skirting boards (towards the end of busy bee)
  • Year 11/12 – pack furniture into the storeroom and throw junk in skip bin
  • Auskick Year 1 and 2 – rehang & organise frames etc on walls.
  • Year 7/8 girls – Scoreboard


  •  Year 10 – general tidy and sweep out
  •  Year 8 – general tidy and sweep out


  •  Year 5 Blue

Uniform Shop

  • Year 6 Blue and Year 5 Gold – stock take and general tidy

Change Rooms and Umpires’ Room

  • Year 7 Blue – Home change rooms (throw rubbish in the skip, clean whiteboards, walls, wipe over benches etc.
  • Year 7 Gold – Away change rooms 
  • Year 6 Gold – Umpires’ room including cleaning shower and basin

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is at 7 pm on Thursday 16 September. All positions will be vacated, and nominations are welcome. At this stage, we do not have nominations for President and Auskick Coordinator. If you know someone suitable for either of these positions tell them to come along or get in touch!