The vote on the publication of our Higgins Park and Playfield Reserve Master Plan Position Statement was unanimously passed at last Thursday night’s Raiders committee meeting. The vote was taken by coaches and team managers, who were present because of an earlier club meeting, in addition to the standard array of committee members. The intention of the position statement is to consolidate our public stance on the Masterplan so that we all speak with one voice.  The Raiders do not wish to be relocated for the reasons stated in the document.

It should also be noted that we are looking at a future restructuring of the Raiders. I believe that this is necessary in order to:

  1. Become more financially sustainable
  2. Be more relevant (than what we already are) to the wider community

At the previous committee meeting in June, a sub-committee was formed to examine the possibilities that presently exist. The sub-committee has the express purpose of producing a concept paper that will be submitted to the Town of Victoria Park in November.  The concept is for a Family, Lifestyle and Sports Hub, the FLASH centre. If anyone would like to provide feedback or wish to become included in the study, please contact me directly at

Thanks and all the best for Season 2020.  It will be one to remember……..

Wayne Tinlin,
Vic Park Raiders JFC