To all members and supporters of the Raiders,

Next month, a three-month process of stakeholder engagement with the local community commences. Its purpose is to assist in the review and compilation of a master plan for the future look and structure of a Higgins Park precinct. External consultants have recently been hired by the Town of Victoria Park to undertake this planning process.

At stake are two likely scenarios. One is where the grounds are expanded to include two ovals and possibly new facilities. The other is where half of the current space is taken over by the hockey club and a new hockey field (astroturf) is erected and fenced off.

The first step of the master planning process is to obtain information from residents who utilise the grounds via an online survey. I urge you all to undertake this survey so that the Raiders have an equal say in how the current space is utilised and what our needs are. Members of the hockey club will undoubtedly be urging their members to do a similar thing.

Thanks and Go Raiders!
Wayne Tinlin